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Simplify Your Life . . .
Achieve Your Goals . . .
With A Real Estate Plan

Sounds too good to be true?

Are you beginning to realize that you're home isn't working for you anymore? 

Do any of these questions describe you?
It's okay. We've heard them all before and we are here to help.

  • "Wondering what to do with all of your "stuff"?"

  • "Overwhelmed by the selling process?"

  • "Feeling lost in your now too-big home?"

  • "Struggling to part with your long-time home?"

  • "Stressed about financial and legal aspects of selling?"

  • "Concerned about the physical demands of moving?"

  • "Uncomfortable with lots of in-person home showings?"

  • "Finding it hard to understand market trends?"

  • "Unsure how to present your home for today's market?"

  • "Worried about where to go after selling?"

  • "Concerned about the safety features of your home?"

  • "Unsure how the sale fits into your estate plan?"

  • "Worried about what a home inspection might reveal?"

  • "Struggling to set the right asking price?"

  • "Overwhelmed by negotiating with potential buyers?"

  • "Stressed about the tax implications of selling?"

  • "Anxious about preparing your home for an open house?"

  • "Concerned about dealing with appraisers?"

  • "Daunted by the closing process?"

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Your Real Estate Plan - Our Proven Approach

For many people life events trigger a change in their home. The triggering event can be marriage, having children, children moving out of the home, or even death. As we age and are no longer able to support our needs in our home, often this will lead to a stressful decision for family and loved ones when no plan exists. Sadly, many families react to these changes, rather than planning accordingly. Through our proven process, we take a proactive approach which will reduce family stress, simply your life and help you achieve your Real Estate and Wealth 

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What is a Real Estate Planner?

A Real Estate Planner is a licensed real estate agent who is certified and has the knowledge, training and experience to compassionately guide a real estate owner in ways to create generational wealth, minimize taxes and facilitate goals of the family.

Why Choose Silver Legacy Home Solutions?

Do you already know a Real Estate Agent? The answer for most people is Yes. Often there is a family member or close friend who has a real estate license, or even someone you have used in the past. What we often see is people focusing on the current need to buy or sell their home, and missing out on how the purchase or sale fits into their long-term real estate goals and reacting later in life. As a Certified Real Estate planner, our approach to real estate is different. While a Real Estate Agent will focus on the finishing the current transaction a Real Estate Planner helps ensure your current purchase or sale and future decisions you make throughout your lifetime help to achieve your long-term real estate goals. You will be amazed at the difference. a Real Estate Planner can make.

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Audience and Lecturer

Free Educational Seminar Series

Planning for your Future & Beyond

Get your questions answered in our panel discussion with an Estate and Trust Attorney, Licensed Financial Advisors, and a Certified Real Estate Planner and more!
Learn about the process, speak directly with professionals who can help and GET Started Planning your Future and Beyond. 

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